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9% Growth Party

"In 2026 Norfolk will be under water" 12/6
Banned from Channel 4 website 12/6 BBC admits a little bias
BBC interviews with Farage & Barroso - much longer on the eurocrat Minder's report on how Kate Adie fabricated reports in Kosovo
Spinning a non-story to promote immigration
Faking photographs - Lebanon Press use faked photo of Trnopolje & say it is of Omarska Palestinians killed, probably by Palestinian misfire - media ignore evidence & report only Palestinian spokesmen "We talk to the experts - Jonathan Porrit & Sir David King" say BBC Basis for my statement that the BBC censored any reporting of the Dragodan massacre (BBC reply still awaited) BBC deny censoring reporting of Dragodan Massacre etc BBC response to being called corrupt racist Nazi liars
BBC ask really stupid question Rumours on the net compared to real journalism BBC denounces Chinese Blair drops Kyoto - not reported Entire media refuse to report Fikret Abdic Faking a warming story by finding the 1 researcher telling it Australian media are the same - introducing Pete North
Wilipedia & the editing to keep Tudjman's biography what the Croatian govt says
Darfur & how it is reported Question Time, from Birmingham, censors question on vote fraud Horizon scare on Global Dimming How UK events could be reported the way we report foreigners Waterstones won't stock anything non-PC on Yugoslavia
Croatian electoral fraud no reported Radio Scot interview with McConnell Galloway wins libel against Telegraph but ONLY because their lies were overwhelmingly outrageous
Radio Scot ask for viewers programme suggestions - I give 12 (they actually used one)

16/12/6 30/11/6 12/11/6

HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE COUNTRIES Immigration cuts per capita growth With lower taxes we could have doubled our GNP Milton Friedman RIP 11/6 Scottish Labour leader talks about Corporation Tax cuts 11/6 Lee Kuan Yew interview Ireland passing the USA
Crime international league table Laffer Curve Moore's Law # 2
Moore's Law & why 5% world growth is to low World average is 5% Professor MacDonald's lecture on fiscal autonomy
Freeman Dyson's lecture
Why growth matters - compound effect - intended for publication Liberalism & democracy Professor Ashcroft lecture on achieving growth in Scotland ENTERPRISE MOTION HOUSEBUILDING MOTION

Land shortage for housing in Australia drives up prices Chinese reserves reach $1 trillion Making Africa a free trade zone Discussion with the Emeritus professor of moral Philosophy of Glasgow University Times recognises why Ireland is growing Study proves small government works Scientific papers/free market & scientific innovation >World's biggest economies Economic Freedom Index Free trade discussion The cost of lawyering to America >IRISH GROWTH -TCS ARTICLE Bankruptcy a vital part of a free market Treating money as a form of goods Scots public sector holds growth back World's greatest economies 2004 8 World's greatest economies 2005

Online education 12/6
Scotland - most important historical events 12/6
UK Secret Service licensed to kill? 11/6 Global Warming hysteria, education & other problems 11/6
Car bombing Sarwar's son 11/6 Squirrel quangos 11/6
US ammo dump in Iraq explodes Catholic Cardinal calls on Moslems to apologise for atrocities
Football - Scotland beat France
Pope say Islam is warlike & he should know
John Ray's new blog Robert Heinlein quotes Death penalty - Huntley Arranged marriage in Scotland Teacher's standard of education Guantanamo - the US military don't like it either Felicity Kendall Hubba Hubba
Why did the Fire Brigade do so little? Immigration trends & the failure of assimilation - MoD Admiral writes The growth & morality of empires
Immigration - keeping out the aggressive 50% Where this blog gets hits from Mass extinction more likely caused by cavemen than global warming or meteors "Croatiaphobia" Wikipedia invents a new word to describe me Biblical Book of Judas found Berlesconi video Academic freedom & the Race relations Act Danish cartoons Media hypocrist at Soham Early French race riot Merry Christman 06 Australia has an underclass too Adam Smith Institute censors pro-Serb views Speed traps dangerous - report suppressed My blog translated into Spanish Favourite books Supporting Michael Jackson Race & IQ Michael Jackson Young George Bush in Scotland
Law draft means the opposite of intention
Royal Phiilosophical soc of Glasgow lecture on GM Suspicious fire in Glasgow Adding counter to blog New Years resolutions (2005)H.L> Mencken - an appreciation ITEMS FROM BEFORE I STARTED THIS BLOG

Turkey's membership 11/6
EU costs - Herald letter 11/6
criticise Ireland for economic growth
Regulatory silliness applied in Ireland Earlier estimate of costs - £40 billion EU paying journalists to cover it

Monbiot calls for killing airline executives 12/6 Al Gore says smoking causes global warming House of Lords report on fearmongering >"Fill in alarmist factoid here" says Greenpece announcement Catastrophe predictions which have been made Leukemia clusters & nuclear "War on terror" will last Minister explains how they are going to fiddle figures to make speeding look more dangerous Food dye scare
"New strain" of HIV which will fullfil all the previous predictions (feb 05) BMA wriggles not to say that passive smoking doesn't kill 1,000 annually in Scotland BMA says no justification for McConnells claim passive smoking ban will save 1,000 lives in Scotland
Greenpeace no longer oppose DDT
Passive smoking - no statistically valid evidence

The alleged Polonium murder 12/6 andEvidence our Government lied about preparing for Iraq war 12/6
Early sign Afghan war is more serious than reported
Electronic warfre? Chinese experts killed
Shanghai Co-Operation Organisation
Is the PM a legitimate target Turkish troops go into Iraq (May 06) not mentioned by the media Israel getting ready to attack Iran (Jan 06) Lockerbie stitch-up Galloway mentioned in Chaos Manor Attorney general's advice on legality of Iraq war
Attorney General's advice on legality Yugoslav war kept secret
Pope restores Inquisition China & India working together Fixing the Ukraining election
Buying the Ukraining election
Ukraine as we are told about it Ukraine
China growing - USA no longer the only player

Bloggers imprisoned 12/6 TEENAGE PREGANCY A GOOD THING
UK vote fraud 13% want smoking ban Why does european convention on Human Rights not apply in Kosovo if it aplies in Iraq
Freedom & Whisky link

Alan Thorpe, boss of NERC challenges sceptics to debate
Sceptical article in the Herald 12/6
Geo-Engineering 12/6
BROWN promotes Stern sideways 12/6 Jim Sillars is a sceptic 12/6 Mandatory CO2 reductions 11/6 Sterns Report The sun got hotter last century Comments suggest the public don't believe the warming scam (Oct 06) Signing up to Fred Singer's SEPP
Listing warming & cooling alarms since 1895
GW on the other planets
60 scientis write letter damning Kyoto Archbishop of Canterbury warn global warming to "kill billions" & God will punish sceptics
First prediction of solar forced cooling All expenses at Montreal conference North Korea signs Kyoto America's technological answer to Kyoto (may 05) Kyoto
DDT - Greens killed more than Hitler No consensus among scientists "Sod off swampy" - barrow boys 1 - eco-fascists 0

Broccoli - if you don't like it don't eat it the lottery fund spend £397,379 on domestic violence awareness training for judges in Siberia Obesity cause sea level rise Comparing Arnie in the Running Man to Milosevic Mass graves - skewers the media

The war criminals of the Kosovo war accuse Israel of doing what they did
Nicol Stephens ditto Nuclear - Indie

Cause of WW2 - Scotsman letter 11/6 Warming scepticism - Scotsman 11/6 Nuclear - Scotsman
Tidal power - Scotsman Federalism rather than independence - Scotland on Sunday letter Politicians who bombed Yugoslavia & criticse Jews for bombing Lebanon - Herald SNP need coalition with Tories to form government - Herald Nuclear - Herald Moore's Law - Sunday Times
Sir David Kings incompatible predictions of warming - Scotsman
Scots Wae Hae - Scotsman Tudjman & Irving - how we treat Holocaust deniers We will not run out of uranium Radio phone in - Israeli treatment of Palestinians better than ours of Serbs Misuse of langusage "supported" is not the same as "forced" - Scotsman Windmills (Scotsman) & a radio email Lesley Riddoch programme on Irish growth - can we match it - suggested by me Lesley Riddoch programme on Irish growth - my suggestion Nuclear - Scotsman Nuclear - Herald Nuclear - Herald
Nuclear - Scotsman Nuclear - Scotsman
Salmond & I debate on Radio Scotland - yes they actually rang up & asked me Nuclear - Scotsman + editorial
Business rate cut - Herald Katrina not caused by global warming Growth - Herald Nuclear - West End Mail
Growth (also a very good article from Jim Mather on the same lines) DRAGODAN MASSACRE - Herald Birmingham vote fraud case - Herald Growth in Scotland - Scotsman
SNP most economically progressive party in UK - Scotsman Red road flats shouldn't be destroyed Milosevic "trial" - Scotsman Global warming - Scotsman
The Holocaust - Radio Scot phone in Our corrupt electoral system - Herald
Scottish growth - Herald letter
Electricity shortfall - Scotsman Milosveic "trial" reported by Pilger - New Statesman No smoking ban in prison - Scotsman "Renweable" subsidies - you scratch my back - Scotsman

LETTERS unpublished
Warming scepticism - Scotsman 11/6
Gun control
£600 million Edinburgh airport tunnel - Scotsman Radiation hormesis - Scottish Daily Mail 2 - one on nuclear, 1 on ingratitude of America's wartimes allies & how the US displys its gratitude to Yugoslavia Politicians who bombed Yugoslavia & criticise Israel for bombing Lebanon - Indie The SNP & Tories should form a coalition
Nuclear power - Independent allows letter only on the anti side Record send me £20 for their best letter Get rid of Scottish Enterprise - Herald 2 on Yugoslavia sent to all the press & published by the Scottish Daily Mail Nuclear Support of Galloway Reponse to Professor Twidell pointing out error of fact - Indy didn't primt Fikret Abdic - an unperson to our ENTIRE media
Srebrenica Massacre 2 unpublished on Yugoslavia
Radiation hormesis - Indy
Monbiot - Bellamy debate - Guardian Pro-Nuclear - Indie
Pro-Israel - Indie
Srebrenica Massacre Vatican give $2 billion to Tudjman, missiles to KLA Yugoslavia
Acceptable & unacceptable Nazism - Indie
Bosnia - Indie Greens

Review of Scottish Conference motions How the smoking ban motion was put to the conference without the "proposers" being asked if their name could be used My conference speech against banning smoking
My conference speech in support of nuclear power
Gossip about Ming Ming gets his numbers wrong
"entire parliamentary party will be tapped for ideas to help Sir Menzies" My expulsion from the party confirmed Extending their opposition to nuclesr to not extending Hunterston's life Councilor Walker quits party "Nuclear is the easy answer" Nicol Stephen I am to be purged for objecting to being purged Dissecting the motions at the Spring 06 Conference Ming supported the dodgy dossier Croatian Nazi paid lobbyist in the party My Expusion - Defence statement I, II,
Dunfermline by-election - last time the LDs did well Leadership fight Ming Chris Huhne
Expulsion - I am to know the charges - Oaten Outed Expulsion - I'm not to know the charges Expulsion original II
Expulsion original I In praise of Charles Kennedy Speaking against 2 motions 2nd - Political correctness inspectors to oversee industry 1st - International cartel to raise prices Rejoining Asking contenders what they stand for - no answers
Appreciation of Jim Wallace Spring 05 conference motion -Children's Panels3 silly conference motions on energy Motion on identity cards Motion on helping miro businesses - a good one Housing motion -fair Motion on Gleneagles - waste of space Nicol's free pensioner travel unneccesarily expensive >I propose motion on X-PRIZE Why I quit 1st time

Blackouts are coming 11/6 Scottish Labour Conference vote for nuclear 11/6
European blackout 11/6 *Origin of the "to cheap to meter" line
*My conference speech in support of nuclear power Royal Soc of Edinburgh report - without it the lights go out
Blair first comes out, tentatively, for nuclear Government committe decided burying nuclear waste is safe (yet again) The various wrong death tolls predicted for Chernobyl Radio Scotland discussion
Lights predicted to start going out in 2012 FoE trying, unsuccessfully, to fix opinion poll Windmills more useless than previously said
RAE costings of all electricity Comparing the dangers

North Glasgow Housing Association 12/6 What H Beam Piper said about the people "ecologists" & "socialists" who don't do arithmetic Borders railroad - how all but 1 MSPs believed it was going to work as promised - or why they pretended they did Scottish Executive plans for policing pub lunches A bad way of subsidisng H & I air travel
Griffin & BNP found not guilty - good Accepting our poor economy as inevitable I support Davis as Tory leader Barnet bonus
Oil in the 1970s Robin Cook burn in Hell
IRA STAND DOWN G8 & the London Bomb Promoted for getting the dodgy dossier wrong Geoge Galloway opposed Saddam back when Proportional Representation & FPTP article
2005 election night 6
5 4
2 1
Day before the election "Spending on education has went up" UN accused of not being suffieciently under western thumb
PR question for Tory leader Possible FPTP election results Earlier on possible election results

Humnan error in science 12/6 Water found on Mars 12/6 Conquering the galaxy in 8 easy steps
Research into controling aging Radiation Hormesis Hormesis quiz
The singularity coming in human progress Mobbing behaviour and how witchhunts start We don't know how the Solar System was made
SETI started the trend of political science - Crichton
Hydrogen economy Giving a satellite communications system to Africa Dolphin intelligence

THE SCOTTISH TUNNEL PROJECT 12/6 An alternate future 12/6 Airport monorail link - Herald letter 11/6 Edinburgh Airport rail link - Herald letter 11/6 Showcase technology projects costing £100 million+ Showcase technology projects costing £5 to £100 million Showcase technology projects up to £5 million Showcase technology projects - no cost History - my top 10 Not spending £3 billion on a bullet train
LibDims say they are thinking of the tax cuts they expelled for advocating Scottish electricity figures Trump first offers to invest in Scotland (would he have started had he known how long it would take) Winning medals through technology Scottish Labour Conference votes for nuclear
Council destroys 2 well built houses for planning violation
Alex Neil pro-growth article Brown can't say Labour responsible for low Scots growth ENTERPRISE MOTION, HOUSEBUILDING MOTION

*Kennedy's Moon Speech Virgin Galactica launching from Scotland How Israel could use TV satellites The funding of ESA Space Adventures moves to Singapore
Space Adventures moves to Singapore
Space Shuttle is crap NASA announce they are going somehere (July 05) X-Prize launched a satellite in 1971
Scottish X-Prize motion

*Caritas caught smuggling mortars & missiles to KLA How DNA "identification" in Bosnia is (deliberately) insufficient to identify bodies Peter North's blog providing pictures of what our agents did in Bosnia NATO free Srbrinica massacrer Long Debate from Brad deLong's blog on Yugoslavia - I don't think he has mentioned it since
400,000 Croatian Serbs still "missing"
The murder of Milosevic - Pete North's article
Pushing for Montenegran independence Slovenia brings man to trial for reporting the 1st massacre in Yugoslav wars Pete North on the murder of Milosevic Lord Bonomy implicated in Milosevic murder Milosevic murder Milosevic feared he was being poisoned Slobodan Milosevic in memorium LibDem motion on war crimes in Yugoslavia & my speech Osama bin Laden in Bosnian Moslem President's office - "irrelevant" say "judges" Milosevic trial video - the one actually entered as evidence & which our media didn't report War crimes - CIA planned Operation Storm US role in Krajina Holocaust Krajina Holocaust couldn't have happened as "not on the evening news" Tudjman's Nazi statements Franjo Tudjman's biographer fired Ashdown meets armed KLA but has excuse ICTY "Islamic fundamentalism not a danger" Al Quaeda recruiting in Bosnia Kosovo claimed as free market leader Ethnic map of former Yugoslavia Krajina Holocaust anniversary Video -the one the "trial" prosecution trailed over the media but daren't introduce as evidence Tudjman & Holocaust Denial LibDem won't defend their lie about war being legal Albanian lies in "trial" - no really >Dragodan massacre letter - 1st UK & virtually only media mention UK Attorney General's advice on legality of the war kept secret Croatian general & CIA friend brought to "trial"
ICJ decides no jurisdiction in war crimes against Yugoslavia Del Ponte pleased the media don't ask questions about Milosevic "trial" MILOSEVIC'S OPENING SPEECH - LONG BUT PROVEN RIGHT ON ALL POINTS

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