Wednesday, 2 July 2008


NOTE Some of these items are edited versions of ideas elsewhere

29 Jun 08 £50 million for a space plane
20 Dec 07 Forth Bridge should cost £314 million not £4.200 billion
11 Oct 07 British X-Prize Foundation
8 Oct 07 Letter about space development
29 June 07 High cost of Scots building projects
Election: Our media coverage
Election Address
Election: We lost!
Election: Red road flats
Election - Press releases
Election: Global Warming scepticism
Election: Government funding of (anti-smoking pressure lobbyists
Election: Scotland on Sunday - Holyrood politicians are so bad
Election: Will the SNP live up to their growth promise?
Election: Another proposed ban & supporting space development
Election: Adam Smith Institute calls for a party aiming at Irish style growth rates. Only one such party stood
Election: Stop the war coalition hustings
Election: Nuclear costs
Election: Online BBC interview
Election: "Debating" with opponents
Election: Discussion with Greens
Election: Against LibDem proposal for Mag-lev train to Edinburgh
Election: Red road flats should not be knocked down
Election: Same as me
Election: Trident
Election: Questions
Election: H. & I. Airports
Election: Online comments 12th April
Election: 26 new ideas that all the other parties oppose
Election: Candidate's personal statement
Election: Challenge to debate the nuclear issue
Election: Costing our programme
Election: Bootstrapping a publicly owned nuclear
1 April 07 David Steel calls for cutting Corporation Tax - which the LibDems described as "to right wing" to discuss when they expelled me
30 March 07 Ending windmill subsidy could pay for 3p income tax cut
30 March 07 Government budget - where your money goes
26 march 07 Letter comparing international growth
25th March Growth policies Scotland should have
22nd March 07 Budget review
20 march 07 What we stand for beyond economic competence
14 March 07 Opposing Climate Change Bill
7 March Flat pack homes - government still makes them cost to much
28 Feb 07 Global warming false
28 Feb 07 "Nuclear is the easy answer" (LibDem leader said)
20 Feb 07 The big issues
19th Feb 07 Press releases
13th Feb 07 Lib Dems claim global warming sceptics are "from Mars"
13 Feb 07 Nailing propaganda lies
11 Feb 07 Government waste £12 million
30 Jan 07 Conservative Manifesto - nothing
28 Feb 07 Herald attack lies & refuses right of reply
23 Jan 07 Green movement killed more than Hitler
15 Jan 07 Letter warning of blackouts
9 Jan 07 Growth through corporation tax cuts
23 Dec 06 Statistical survey of economies - guess what Adam Smith was right
18 Dec 06 The Scottish Tunnels Project
14 Dec 06 Online education
13 Dec 06 Solving "Global Warming" everywhere for 10th the cost of the Lewis windfarm
22 November 06 Experts warn of electricity shortage
20 Nov 06 Scottish Labour make noises about Corporation Tax cuts
17th Nov 06 as above
12 nov 06 Transport budget - 70% goes on trains
5 Nov 06 European blackout
3 Nov06 Stern Report wrong
1 Nov 06 Democracy needs political activism
30 Oct 06 Only 30% of civil servants think government competent
14 Oct 06 Independence
12 Oct06 EU regulation cost £405 billion
2 OCT 06
28 Sept 06 Against £600 million Edinburgh Airport rail link
17 Sept 06 Do the media deliberately lie about Global Warming
16 Sept 06 Radiation Hormesis - low level radiation not harmful
12 Oct 06 We can have 9% Growth
Nuclear power
Housing should cost so much less
If elected I promise to say Jack McConnell lied to Parliament about passive smoking being a mass killer
Scottish X-Prize Foundation
Automated railways
Paying for it
Giving away flats is far better than knocking them down
EU, illegal wars, immigration, global warming - our views even though they are Westminster issues
Motion on Enterprise
£20 million for Scottish space probe
Housebuilding motion