Saturday, 5 July 2008


BIG ENGINEERING technology we can do with a little effort
#30 A Ringworld #29 Greening the Arctic #28 An O'Neill Cylinder factory
#27 Greening Palestine #26 Reversing sea level rise
#25 Nuclear spaceships #24 Greening Central Asia
#23 Greening of America Changing the mindset #22 An international grid
#21 Orbital mirrors #20 Goods & personal transport system
Professor McInnes' lecture #19 Orbital telescopes #18 Arcologies & Domes
#17 O'Neill Cylinder #16 Covering the streets #15 Draining the Solway Firth #14 Space elevator #13 Solar power satellites
#12 Automated rail #11 Modular housing
#10 Orbital space stations
#9 Greening the Sahara
#1-8 & intro

12 Crossrail should cost £1.3 not £16 billion
& 2 Millenium Dome cost £46 million to build - & £624M for paperwork

March 8th
2 - Kosovo "independence" 10th Feb

12 Censored by the professor 10 Orwell, eco-fascism & the end of socialism ITN promkise to follow canouist to North pole. Ice stops him but they don't report it Eco-fascists are officially allowed to vandalise
Hansen's perjury 9 Robin Harper replies & lies about cost of nuclear 8 Acid rain was a lie 7 Benny Peiser on Labour
Energy source Biofuel subsidy & food prices
Costs Britain £1,148 billion annually
Green's puppet masters Peiser on the left being overwhelmed by Luddism 6 John Brignell on the intent of "environmentalists"
None of them know what the SSSI on Trump's land which they pretend to defend is about
Academic accuses Sir David King of "Kindergarten" analysis because he was to dim to see I was quoting him 5 "Inconvenient" the opera

Poll on how much government spending people want - about 15% 12 Singapore/Rhodesia going from the world's poorest to richest
Some ways we are richer & some predictions 8 You are richer than Alexander the Great Adam Smith debate
6 SNEK ($ needed for each kilowatt hour) compared to national wealth
SNEK compared to growth SNEK countries 26-75 SNEK of the 25 biggest countries. World average cost is $3.90, Britain's is $6.14 Causual relationship between electricity usage & economic size
1 We CAN afford welfarism we just can't afford the bureaucracy that lives off "caring"

Germany says our borrow & spend way out of recession is looney
No world recession
How the H&S Mafia are destroying our technological capacity
12 GETTING OUT OF THE RECESSION We need a minister for cutting 12 budget review Economists say governments attempt to borrow & spend out of recession doomed 10 in deep shit Oil price rises over
Was HBoS stock deliberately manipulated? 9 HOW TO GET OUT OF THE RECESSION Britain's crumbling infrastructure - John Redwood
8 "10 years of economic success" UK house prices 4 time higher in real terms Government causing recession No reason for recession 3 How the US rescued their failed bank

Mumbai attack
12 People of the year
On why lobbyists with their hands out are always better organised
Baby P's father tried to save him but the "social services" wouldn't let him 12 blog high on Google Meaning of lyrics of GAMES WITHOUT FRONTIERS - Gabriel 10 The sort of people who get Nobel "Peace" Prize
LudDims invite me back
Some more quotes 8 NATO's role
7 Errat errata Updating blogroll Comments on Hitler's religion/Eyewitness in Bosnia/Top Bloggers/Anti-Serb blog not taking comments 3 Arthur C Clarke R.I.P. 3 Defining fascism, Nazism & eco-fascism 2 Prince dying in colonial war Appreciation of those who leave comments 1 Did dropping the Bomb hasten the end of the war - Probably not Starting this index

7 Abu Dhabi coal plant 6 Irish win referendum 5 Irish referendum getting little coverage

Cern & how the "end of the world " was played up 9 Fake nuclear scare at Dalgety Bay redux Warming, ozone & pot 6 How statistics are misused to promote scares W.H.O. says AIDS scare isn't going to happen 5 Jersey pedo allegations - not a skull but a coconut 3 National register of scares

Damien Green
12 BNP membership 6 David Davis calls by-election 5 Sheer cruelty of smoking ban in asylums Cigarettes to be hidden under the counter Did the TV screen that started Rangers trouble in Manchester breakdown or was it turned off 4 French who took children from Chad released 3 Teacher Irene Hogg suicides as a result of PC inspectors 3 Fred on Democracy 2 I FORMALLY REPORT MURDER TO LAW OFFICERS - THEY COULDN'T CARE LESS 1 Death of Bobby Fisher a western political prisoner (compared with Kasparov & his small western funded party)

9 How the war was fought
The risk of it spreading US troops in Georgia 4 day war My Radio Scot soundbite Ratcheting up anti-Russian hate Legality in Georgia
8 Ossetian independence 8 Seeking peace

Call for TV debate 12 Hansen caught faking figures again 7 - Still no sunspots 20 years after Hansen's predictions back to original temp No sunspots 6 Gordon wants £100 billion for windmills Opinion poll shows only 20% convinced No sunspots & cooling graph As much cooling in the last year as warming in 10 5 Oregon Petition now up to 31,000 3 500 scientists at climate sceptic conference 2 "Global warming can mean colder" & does
Subsidy to Eigg's windmills creates more PR than electricity - I predict more power will come from diesel back up than windmill 1 Graph of global warmth over the last 2000 years - now is almost dead on average Global warming - what the governments are doing

Greens lie about electricity costs - Scotsman
12 Forth crossing - Herald
Scotsman - windmill cost extravagant
Scotsman - French paying 1/4 our price for electricity
10 Herald - nuclear 6 Radio Scotland phone in on windmills
Criticising lack of progress on "Celtic Lion" economy Lib Dems are illiberal 4 SNP's sea turbine X-Prize
Albright said "Serbs need a little bombing" - Scotsman 2 On tunnels v ferries to the isles - Radio Scotland Reminding I opposed warming years ago - Scotsman
Scots scientists lead the world - Scotsman & Record Anti-renewablist - hScotsman Nuclear - Herald Forth tunnel price fraud - Herald
1 Radio Scotland read out my email on the Oregon Petition denying catastrophic warming Send Glendoe tunnel borer straight to the Forth - Record, Metro & Radio Scotland
Radio Scot - electricity prices up - I phone in & give French prices

LETTERS unpublished
Dissections - entire western media won't publish Several letters
3 4 letters, 3 on Yugoslavia, 1 on the Dome costing £46 million for the building 2 Kosovo "independence"

MEDIA BIAS (see also unpublished letters)
57 demonstrate - mass coverage; 11,000 demonstrate - no mention 11,000 demonstrate against warming scam - no coverage
12 BBC making Bellamy an unperson Why the media should broadcast public debates (& why they don't) Google censor Bosnia photos
10 Making the BBC responsive The Scotsman bans to protect organlegging 2 Stories where the MSM catch up 8 "Beijing protest" coverage 8 Ofcom's corrupt "judgement"
7 Ofcom reply to my complaint 7 ITN show faked video again & lie about it 7 Ofcom judgement on "Swindle" 7 My Ofcom complaint Murat & Stockline reporting Ofcom decide Warming Swindle didn't lie but censure them anyway 1 Ofcom decide Warming Swindle didn't lie but censure them anyway 2 Ofcom & BBC complaints 1
ITN lie about faked video again
Ofcom compliants 2 6 Al-Duras film faking - little coverage Is Zimbabwe another media ramp up? CBS promotes Green astral "scientist" claim global warming causing earthquakes - coverage removed WHO says AIDS scare isn't going to happen after all - no coverage US Climate Bill collapses - no coverage As much cooling in the last year as warming in previous century - no coverage 5 Organlegging of hundreds of Serb teens proven - news censored 4 widely reported story about children taken from Chad ends - no coverage 3 this blog censored by South Lanarkshire Council Libraries 3 Should the media publish if somebody immediately says it is off the record. Should they publish lies if the Secretary of State says so
3 500 scientist at climate sceptic conference issue report - little coverage
1 Death of Bobby Fisher - comparison of coverage of the political prisoner & the Russian dissident

10 VITAMIN D a hormone not a vitamin & why Scots need supplements Alzheimers

12 Mass production of reactors 10 French Nuclear means their electricity 1/4 the price of ours Renewablist says lights will go out without nuclear 9 EDF buy British nuclear Regulations take longer than building 6 Nuclear fuel to last for billions of years 5 Irradiated worker hero dies aged 90 2 Labour councillor blogger censors factual comments on Kosovo Chernobyl - UN report says "environmentalist scare caused more damage than the actual accident

LibDem lying fascist whore complains of witchhunt by party pals
Cameron on corporation tax cuts
10 LudDim conference speech by Tavish Scott Cross party conspiracy
US "buys leaders of Britain, France etc with money" Tavish Scott says tax cuts are liberal 9 Gordon Brown interview 8 David Miliband Nicol Stephen looking glacit David Davis by-election SNP take Glasgow East 6 Bliar's "Faith Foundation" 5 Labour MP cynically blogs about cutting quangos
Lib Dem Spring Conference motions 1 Ron Paul opposing our war crimes in Yugoslavia

Modular housing costs Alzheimers cure? 6 Government makes pro-GM noises 2 How it was foretold 50 years ago Abu Dhabia goes for coal power

8 FTL communication proven
6 Max Tegmark & the multiverse
5 Popper lecture on scientific falsifiability
3 Beliefs that, if you question them, lose you funding - catastrophic warming, AIDS, low level radiation
3 GM plants will make oil - plankton can do the same 3 DNA ADVANCES CAN PROVE ETHNICITY (OF BODIES IN YUGOSLAVIA)

Calman interim statement The Stone of Destiny SNP programme - lots of nothing 9 Gordo speaks of allowing corporation tax cuts 7 Scottish growth stalling Growth does nothing spectacular 2 Scots scientists most referred to in the world (possibly after Swiss)

ESA want to visit an asteroid & spend 10 times what I proposed Chinese spacewalk 9 Ist independent satellite in orbit 8 Orbit for under $1 billion 8 Funding an orbital X-Prize 6 Virgin Galactic evidence to Parliament A British Space Plane for £50 million 2 Japan launches experimental solar power satellite
1 What the Presidential runners said (Ron Paul said it best)

6 Quangocracy 2 Northern Rock debacle

Vote McCain/Palin
12 Michael Crtichton dies same day MSM lying & censoring to fix election The Mighty Palin How pollsters fiddle 9 Congress (initially) rejects bail out 7 Palin's careful words on polar bears Endorsing Palin

12 money for paintings found 9 Finding X-prizes on prefernce to Renaissance paintings
8 Gingrich on X-Prizes 6 BT funding X-Prize Foundation going worldwide John McCain's X-Prize for a better battery X-Prizes in history 4 SNP's sea turbine prize

Reply from Shirley Williams - corrupt Nazi whore 12 Guardian mentions but downplays dissecting human beings 10 NATO dissecting human beings for fun The worldwide pro-Nazi media continue to censor dissections 10 Clash with Shirley Williams - she admits but justifies genocide, child sex slavery & dissecting people
Motivations redux 8 Dissection - the background 7 Radovan Karadzic arrested Oric "cleared"
KLA organlegging before NATO recruited them
Genocide for Sex - Albright & Thaci Karadzic arrested Del Ponte says she knew for years of KLA murdering hundreds of Serb teens & selling their organs to western hospitals 6 Origin of the term "ethnic cleansing" - Albanians in Kossovo did it 4 KLA ORGANLEGGING OF 300 SERB TEENS TO NATO HOSPITALS - DEL PONTE HAD KNOWN FOR YEARS 3 DNA ADVANCES CAN PROVE ETHNICITY OF SREBRENICA BODIES 2 Online Comments on Kosovo "independence" 2 John Redwood argued against Yugoslav interventions in cabinet but still unwilling to allow comment FORMAL REPORT OF MURDERS TO LAW OFFICERS - THEY PASS BUCK I FORMALLY REPORT MURDERS TO POLICE & LAW OFFICERS 1 Freedom of Information Act search on the Dragodan Massacre - FoC covering letter as above - THE DOCUMENTATION THEY PRODUCED as above - my letter of enquiry